Strategy Intern in Content Distribution

September 2015 - December 2015

  • Conduct in-depth research to understand the competitive TV landscape like analyzing TV Everywhere platforms
  • Compile and analyze data on a weekly/monthly basis across distribution platforms
  • Perform general research to support larger strategy projects like how to reach the millennial audience

Case Study 2

Situation: There was a new business development opportunity presented to the company. A new video business approached Viacom to get their content onto their video platform. The platform was ad-supported and would share its revenue with Viacom.  It was our job to figure out whether it financially and strategically smart to get into business with this new platform.

Type: Business Development Strategy

Approach: We conducted user-testing on the platform, looking especially at the ad experience. With this knowledge, we were able to determine pricing and other financials on whether this deal would be financially beneficial.

Impact: This helped Viacom decide how to further their relationship with the new video business platform.

Case Study 1

Situation: Content distribution’s job is to monetize on the current content they have. The college market was an appealing space, but it was the team’s job to figure out how to best further grow in that market.

Type: Business Development Strategy

Approach: We wanted to understand the college market, what competing networks were doing with college students, what the major cable providers were doing, and what new startup companies were doing to drive business to students. After doing a competitive analysis and understanding the options that Viacom could pursue to monetize on the college market, this information was brought to higher level executives to help execute a plan.

Impact: The college market makes sense for Viacom’s brands, but a deep-dive into what makes up this college market and how to best approach this business opportunity was essential for next steps.