Interbrand x NYU Marketing Society Brand Challenge

NYU Marketing Society teamed up with Interbrand to understand the different ways that purpose drives employee engagement. Our team worked with a client partner, a pharmaceutical company, and an employee of Interbrand for 3 months on how to help our client better active its purpose. 

Throughout this process we:
• Perfromed general desktop research about our client partner's CSR and purpose-driven initiatives
• Conducted a competitive audit to gauge how well the company is activating purpose compared to direct and indirect competitors
• Conducted an interview with the client partner’s branding expert based on an 8-10 question discussion guide we created
• Created a presentation and presented our findings to Interbrand employees, NYU Marketing Society members, and employees from client partners

Caleb's Marketing Plan

For a class project, my team worked on a marketing plan for Caleb's Kola, a craft soda. We brainstormed different strategies and tactics in order to reach a $1,000,000 sales goal. After four months, we presented our ideas to a PepsiCo representative and created a detailed marketing deck for review. 

Throughout this process we:

  • Performed market analysis using resources like Mintel and Ad$pender

  • Created a brand attribution map, looked at positioning, performed a segmentation analysis, and competitive bench marking

  • Came up with various tactics for the marketing plan like heavy social media branding, campus ambassador programs, and trade promotions to better serve our target market

H'University social media challenge

The H’University Social Media Design Challenge required teams to create social media content that features one of their partnering brands. Our team chose to create an Instagram account for sweetgreen’s fall seasonal menu. Our idea was to feature each item on the fall seasonal menu as its own Instagram account so we could break down the ingredients of every fall item. We wanted to highlight sweetgreen’s 3 guidelines (delicious, healthy, and transparent) for their food, make sweetgreen’s “sweet touch” of connecting farms to guests tangible, and showcase the fall menu to stress that sweetgreen focuses on seasonal local ingredients for sustainability.

My team won this challenge.

Viacom Strategy Project

Situation: Content distribution’s job is to monetize on the current content they have. The college market was an appealing space, but it was the team’s job to figure out how to best further grow in that market.

Type: Business Development Strategy

Approach: We wanted to understand the college market, what competing networks were doing with college students, what the major cable providers were doing, and what new startup companies were doing to drive business to students. After doing a competitive analysis and understanding the options that Viacom could pursue to monetize on the college market, this information was brought to higher level executives to help execute a plan.

Impact: The college market makes sense for Viacom’s brands, but a deep-dive into what makes up this college market and how to best approach this business opportunity was essential for next steps. 

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