Content Distribution and Marketing Intern

June 2015 - August 2015

  • Researched, created, and presented media industry bi-weekly reports to the senior team including SVP’s
  • Monitored, tracked, and compiled cross-marketing promotions online and offline for the Top 10 cable affiliates
  • Actively participated in the strategic sales efforts to increase distribution in over 50 out-of-home markets


Situation: Scripps wanted to better onboard future interns who were not familiar with content distribution.

Type: Internal Program Development

Approach: I set up interviews with different members of the content distribution team both in New York and Knoxville, looked through trade publications, and aggregated important information about the industry. With this, I created a 20-page illustrated guide that was an overview of the cable industry and content distribution.

Impact: The guide is distributed to new interns to understand content distribution even if they had no previous experience in the cable industry. The guide also contained acronyms which helped entry-level employees of the team adapt to the language of the industry. 


Situation: Scripps wanted to understand what’s going on in the media tech space outside of cable. The whole team was interested in emerging technologies and new media in order to better their own knowledge but also look for potential business partnerships. It was my job to figure out how to best present industry information to the entire team.

Type: Research Strategy

Approach: I researched what was happening in industries outside of cable and selected what I thought was the most innovative and worth understanding. I took a deep-dive on these topics and then presented this information to the team every other week.

Impact: The team was equipped with knowledge of technologies and company strategies in the publishing, online video, and music industry.