Editoral Intern

January 2012 - January 2013

  • Researched trends, wrote summaries, and provided contribution for articles.
  • Managed and recorded sales of over 300 subscribers.
  • Copyedited, fact-checked, and proofread articles for future issues that improved publication speed by 50%.

Case Study

Situation: LAIKA magazine wanted to determine whether working with a publishing distributor or self-distribution was a better business opportunity for the growth of the new magazine.  LAIKA already offered a digital publication and physical copies were mailed out individually after users subscribed from the website or from promotional deals through other sites.

Type: Business Development and Growth Strategy

Approach: We needed to understand how much time and manpower was required when it came to obtaining new orders from businesses (bookstores, delis, magazine stores) and then the costs of shipping it ourselves. Then, we compared it to the reach and cost of using a distributor. We also needed to understand distribution sites, accountability, and demographic of the distributor.

Solution: After gaining all this information, we decided to use the distributor.

Impact: LAIKA magazine is now available across the USA and reaches an audience outside of those interested in a vegan lifestyle. The costs are higher, but the reach and growth of the magazine increased significantly.