Style, photograph, and edit food photography for plant based dishes.



Healthyout social media design samples

HealthyOut wanted to build a relationship with its customers through social media, so I created graphics with health tips and other more fun graphics that its customers could relate to.


Sesame Workshop Social Media Design Samples

Sesame Workshop in Communities has a social media page for parents, so I made some graphics with tips for parents to share with their children while promoting Sesame Workshop's toolkits (where these tips came from).


final magazine design class project

For this project, the goal was to create a magazine cover and four-page spread based on a post online. I chose to do my piece based on a New York Times article about the vanishing bees. I focused on using hand drawn sketches along with watercolors to reflect the beauty of nature (even if we don't always see it) and what happens if we lose it.


Typography Class Final Project

The objective was to create a set of 2 posters to celebrate an "exhibit" of a  typeface and a typeface designer. I chose "Rock," the typeface of NBCUniversal, where I focused on the subtle differences between the serif and sans serifs of the typeface while also celebrating NBCUniversal's headquarters, 30 Rock.


final logo design project

The objective of this assignment was to create a logo for a fictional company. My company was a cat delivery service aimed at children. I created two potential logos for this fictional company as well as some mockups of what the packaging of the kitty box might be as well as a gif that kids would find entertaining.


Young Global Awards

The Young Global Awards Competition challenges students to create an award-winning disease-awareness college campus campaign based on a creative brief.

I chose to use “superman” as my medium for the goal of communicating the importance of mental health to college students and created two minimalist ads to execute this message.



Organic chemistry is not an easy class, especially when you have to learn from dry textbooks. I redesigned the first chapter of my organic chemistry book to help other students have an easier time learning and relating to the material.



As a first generation Asian-American, it's important for me to keep my heritage. Working with my mother, we created a family cookbook with 14 recipes based on my mother's Singaporean upbringing and my childhood growing up in New York City. We share and illustrate the stories that these meals provide us.   



I've been doodling for 8 years. I just draw whatever pops into my mind and hope something comes together in the end.