Consulting Senior Analyst

August 2017 - Present



December 2018-January 2019

Project Description: Worked with a captive finance company to help transform their digital experience @ Fjord

• Used the Fjord design process: synthesized qualitative + quantitative competitive and comparative research across and outside of the IT/Finance/Enterprise category to identify trends to develop a business strategy perspective
• Interviewed 10+ customers to understand customer pain points and business opportunities
• Designed and facilitated a two day immersive client workshop with customized activities (board game, case studies) to help co-creation and concepting

August 2017-December 2018

Project Description: Designed an artificial intelligent customer service chatbot for a top telecommunications company

Product Manager

  • Manage deliverable deadlines, product roadmap, and communication across all the teams (A.I., analytics, customer experience, user testing) to ensure successful and timely delivery to the client

  • Continually improve and iterate on the A.I chatbot by synthesizing user testing, analytics, and real-time data to suggest and implement both technical and design changes

  • Translate and communicate the technical project work to clients and executives internally within the company through presentations, prototype videos, and status updates

Product Designer/Copywriter

  • Designed and iterated initial information architectures for the chatbot for 3+ intents while working with the client, interaction designers, analytics, IT, and A.I. teams to align on the future-state product

  • Wrote/edited the chatbot customer-facing copy to keep a concise, clear, and on-brand tone

User Experience Researcher

  • Researched the current state of the client’s customer service offerings across channels like digital, web, retail, IVR

  • Facilitated stakeholder focus groups, performed A/B testing, created and analyzed surveys, organized client design thinking workshops, and worked with customer analytics to understand the customer journey  


June 2016 – August 2016

Project Description : Built a new digital retail banking analytics platform for a global financial services firm  

Project Manager for the Analytics Team (Internship)

  • Supported 300+ customer analytic and KPI data attribute definition and mapping for the analytics platform

  • Designed 2 data visualization dashboards and created weekly reports for client executives with the reporting teams