JANUARY 2016 - MAY 2016

  • Conducted research and prepared executive summaries on 20+ clients including data on financials, corporate strategy, and ad spending analyses for the sales team using platforms like LexisNexis, Moat, Lake 5 Media, and iSpot
  • Cross-analyzed and compiled data from various platforms to analyze the impact on brands across networks including: Nielsen’s C3 to C7 and across social media tools like 4C, NielsenSocial, and Shareablee
  • Performed and compiled competitive analysis research for network pilots across the 5 major broadcast networks, trade marketing across digital and print, and 10+ conferences


Situation: With Upfronts approaching, ABC’s Ad Sales team wanted to make sure that they understood their clients’ needs and priorities to strategize how to sell to them.

Type: Sales Development Strategy and Research

Approach: We looked at the information that was important for the sales executives to know about their clients.

Solution: We created executive summaries which contained information about the client’s financials, corporate strategy, previous ad spending, type of ads, and noteworthy news. Our team did this for over 50+ clients in 4 weeks.

Impact: This information was presented to the ad sales executives, which helped them better negotiate and further their relationship in time for Upfronts.